MAXUS, MAXUS LED, Intelite, Global.

MAXUS is the leading brand name in the energy-saving lighting market in Ukraine. Its market share in the segment of compact fluorescent lamps is more than 32%, and the share in the segment of LED lamps and fixtures is 35%*.

The main advantage of the brand is the highest quality of lighting allowing consumers to forget about searching, buying and replacing bulbs for a significant period of time.

Increased durability of devices is ensured by their adaptation to the specifics of Ukrainian power supply networks. In particular, all MAXUS light bulbs and fixtures are resistant to voltage drops in the range of 200-240V.

The main range of compact fluorescent lamps produced under MAXUS brand name is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ErP Standard of fifth level, which is in effect within the EU and puts the highest requirements to quality, safety and efficiency of energy-saving light sources at the moment.

MAXUS Corporation products manufactured with the use of LED technology are introduced to the market under the MAXUS LED sub-brand, which embodies key innovations and MAXUS brand benefits.

With the use of Japanese chips and components in the light sources as well as multiple quality control at all stages of production, the main product range of MAXUS LED has a service life of 50,000 hours and is ensured by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Other important factors that characterize the benefits of MAXUS LED light bulbs and fixtures are safety and qualitative light.

The use of special materials and innovative heat dissipation technologies in MAXUS LED products allows ensuring safe bulb and fixture heating temperature not exceeding 80 °C, whereas MAXUS LED unique wide-angle diffusers ensure uniform illumination without excessive light-striking and mid-tones.

Intelite is a revolutionary brand of next-generation LED-lamps, embodying the latest achievements of Japanese lighting industry and innovations of MAXUS International Corporation.

Intelite is a state-of-art alternative to the chandelier that changes the notion of the lighting device and for the first time gives the user the freedom to control the light. Intelite, in fact, creates a personal controllable sun for the consumer and helps to harmonize daily routine of modern men and natural biorhythms of the body associated with the solar cycle.

The lamp allows you to adjust the light brightness and its color hue: from daylight to warm yellow. If necessary, Intelite automatically switches on and off, adjusts the brightness of the light depending on the brightness of natural light.

A remote control allows you to switch on and off the light, set the lighting parameters without being distracted from work or rest, and the nightlight mode will provide a comfortable soft illumination of the room at night.

The light spectrum of diodes used in the Intelite production is as far as possible close to the spectrum of natural sunlight, and it has no ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Combined with the innovative shape of the lamp this light ensures a uniform space illumination without blurry shadows and areas of excessive brightness typical for traditional chandeliers.


The GLOBAL brand represents compact fluorescent lamps designed on the basis of reliable and proven solutions of MAXUS corporation in the field of energy-saving lighting.

Providing high reliability and durability, the lamps manufactured under this brand are reasonably priced and targeted on pragmatic consumers preferring to purchase qualitative products without overpaying «for the brand».