MAXUS International Corporation

The parent company of corporation is MAXUS CAPITAL LLC with its office at Fort Lee, USA.

MAXUS International Corporation was founded by a group of American and British investors. The parent company of corporation is MAXUS CAPITAL LLC with its office at Fort Lee, USA.

Innovation developments in the field of energy-saving lighting are the basis of the corporation’s business. Having started with production of compact fluorescent lamps, since 2009 the corporation has been focusing on innovation in the field of LED lighting for private and corporate customers.

The Corporation’s products are introduced to the market under the following brands: MAXUS, GLOBAL and INTELITE.

In the processes of development and innovation MAXUS Corporation cooperates closely with a number of Japanese institutions and organizations studying the problems and prospects of LED lighting technology.

The Company’s production facilities are located at the certified enterprise of Leedarson Lightning in the PRC. This enterprise, in addition to MAXUS products, also manufactures products for such brands as Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic and others.

Logistics partners of the Corporation are global leaders in the field of transcontinental transportation: International Cargo Service H. D., Laman Shipping Agency, Maersk, British Airways and others.

As a socially responsible company, MAXUS Corporation implements a number of socially significant programs. In particular, it is a partner of the UN Development Program in Ukraine «Market Transformation Towards Energy-Efficient Lighting».

In Ukraine MAXUS International Corporation is represented by Energy Saving Solution. MAXUS Research & Development Center (R&D) is engaged in identification of customer needs in Ukraine and adaptation of corporation’s solutions to the specifics of local power supply networks.